Saturday, April 5

On Women

It had been in the news recently, that a certain shopping store had been commended for their long maternity leave benefits to mums. Although, it is not the highest company to grant such benefit in the whole country. But that was big news for the women employees especially those who are married and to just anybody who plans to have kids.

Maternity leave benefits is a big thing here and some women group have been pushing for a long paid maternity benefit. Even the magazine that I am buying is lobbying on this.

I am not really keen on this issue. I have not done my research but as far as I know some companies exceeds the number of week of paid maternity leave that is mandated by the government and some is just within the limit. But all the same, women are pushing for a longer maternity leave so they can take care of their baby and consider breast feeding him.

Well, that is in my part of the world. While in the US, there are Women Grants. And as I've gathered, less women apply for it but more are qualified.

How about on your side of the world? How's the Women Grants there?