Sunday, April 6

Freebies With A Catch

I got lots of goodies and freebies when I was pregnant and when I gave birth in our local hospital here. On my first, ante-natal checkup, they gave me the first "bounty bag". It contains lots of reading materials on pregnancy, baby and giving birth plus some stuff for the baby and some that can be used on labor.

Then, another "bounty bag" was given when I gave birth. It contains nappies, rash cream, baby book, cd, books to guide mums on taking care of bubs and for growth and development reference, etc.

One of the books contains cupouns for another freebie. This time, it will be claimed in one of the deparment stores. There should be a nappy bag, some goodies for the bub, photo birth announcements, etc. But I didn't get to see them as Mcj doesn't want to claim it afraid of the catch. You know, I need to fill out a form to indicate my address, contact numbers and stuff. He thought, the catch would be junk mails or unsolicited calls coming from the shop. Junk mails, telemarketing, spams and the scare of identity theft really stuff up my opportunity to have that freebies. Oh well, we can do without them.