Friday, April 25


I've just finished watching the movie Elizabethtown.

It was my first time to heard about the movie in the tv trailer two days ago. I told myself, if there's anything more interesting I will watch it. Then, yesterday I decided to watch it because the movie shown on the other channel is not to my liking. Today, I decided to record it though I don't have a blank VCR tape available. I had one with two recorded movies and we watched one this afternoon.

Now, I have a copy of the movie. I might watch it again. The story for me was very simple but then full of positive energy and insights. I don't particularly like Orlando Bloom, but in this movie I love his role and his face. Lol. He didn't look childish. He was well suited to the character. I feel "bitin" with the movie though. I want more scenes for him and Kirsten. :)

I bet, I would be thinking about it til I go to sleep. Lots of "could have been's" would be running wild in my mind. :)

Btw, it gives me the idea to make a scrapbook for a roadtrip. :)


Eliot said...

Means twas an effective movie. ^^; I might watch it too, thanks to your post. These days I'm into light movies, quite opposite of a senior college student's life. -_-

Yeah, if you think my blog Everything Kimchi is worthy of a technorati fave, or a linkex, please don't hesitate to do so. I shall return the e-love! ^^;

Anonymous said...

thanks for the visit, elliot!

yeah, light movie it was.

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