Saturday, April 12

About Shopping

Eversince, I got my own computer to use I've been building up my favorite links. And they are increasing everyday. They're important to me - they save me time from thinking and remembering the links that I visit frequently. Aside from my emails and pro-blogging sites, do you know what else do I check almost everyday? The shopping sites.

It's not a surprise to you if I say that I love shopping. I am a self-confessed shop-aholic. And discovering a good shopping site that meets my criteria like big discounts, free shipping from time to time, accepts paypal, low prices, etc. would make my day fabulous. I tell you, I would be the constant visitor of that site and if they get lucky, one of their customers.

I have a funny experience of shopping between online and not. I wanted anail polish remover and I couldn't find one in the shop where we constantly go to. I didn't ask the attendant, that's my problem. So I looked up in the online shop and I found lots. Funny thing is I only want that item and the shipping would cost me more than the price of the item. Mcj told me to check the local chemist and that saved me from paying heaps online. Then recently, I found out where the shop stacked their nail polish remover - just at the bottom rack exactly where I was looking for it. Talking of a blind shopper. :)