Saturday, April 26

Onsite or Pickup?

Just recently, the Transit van used for the business needs servicing because it would not start. Mcj's brother G, was fixing the tail light then when it was fixed, the van wouldn't start. He contacted the repair company that conducts business on-site. Thank goodness for companies such as this - you don't need extra expenses for towing of vehicles that has defects like dead engine or battery.

The van had not be serviced for almost two years or more so we did not mind that the quote for the repair was wee bit hefty. Anyway, all mechanical jobs here cost heaps. But something came up along the way that cost more than was quoted. The technician isn't familiar with the model of the van. The van is computer operated when you run it on auto so you also need computer to fix it. And this trusted (supposedly) techie, didn't knew that. He had been fixing it fore more than five hours until he realized about the computer thing. And when all was fixed, he said that his boss would charge more than 150% of what was initially quoted. Grrrrr. But we don't have a choice. Just be thankful that the van was fixed.

This auto repair company had made another business with us when my FIL had their car services. So he doubled his income.

Anyway, there are still other works to be done on the van. We need to contact a auto glass repair shop to fix the side window that was broken. I am not aware if there is this kind of repair shop that do onsite like It would be nice if there is as the van doesn't need to leave the premise and no need for the hassle of organizing transportation of who will pick up the vehicle from the repair shop.


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