Wednesday, April 16


Remember, I was excited of our upcoming trip to the Philippines? I might have jinxed it. Althought that trip was very depedent to my visa approval which I haven't got any feedback from the immigration yet, I just found out from my sister-in-law last weekend, that Mcj woul be very busy during the month that we have scheduled it. And there is no way that he can leave - plus this busy days would last a couple of months. Grrrrr! I talked to Mcj the other day and he confirmed that it was true. I told him that Jens and I could go on our own but of course at the back of my mind, I don't like travelling alone with our little Bub. Well, let's see.. I haven't got a visa that will allow me to travel out of Australia anyway.


Jens and I had been attending a playgroup in our area and the little boy had fun always. Actually, we've been in the group for just two sessions and because it is an un-structured group, we can do whatever we like. Plus the meeting place is in the park with a playground, the kiddos were able to play in the slide, swing, etc. I am glad that I joined the group now that Jens is big enough to crawl, sit and stand and be able to mingle with the other kids without much nursing from me. For stories of our playgroup, please checkout here.


We've waited for our dinner last Sunday evening for almost two hours. Mcj ordered pizza from Pizzahut online and upfront, it said, the order will be delivered in 20 minutes to our address. But after completion of the order, it said, the delivery time would be one hour and 10 minutes. That got Mcj really crooked because should we know that it would be that long, we could have driven to the pizzahut ourselves. So we waited, and I was really hungry. The pizza arrived and Mcj complained about it and eventually got a discount. :) I said, I was really hungry but I ended up eating just two slices. My appetite had gone sour.