Sunday, April 13

Insurance Talk

I just reminded Mcj if he had paid the car registration. And he said no. Now, I don't know if we can use the car to go somewhere. The rego might be overdue. Chances are if the police hail us, we might get booked-in.

Last Thursday, he said he needed to pay the registration. We were cautious then on our way to the dental clinic and back home as cops might see the sticker is due this month. And Mcj had been very careful as, overdue rego means no insurance.

Talking of insurance, did you know that the free tv here is inundated by insurance ads? May it be health, auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, business insurance and motorcycle insurance. It's not funny.

By the way, what are your criteria in choosing your any type of insurance? What comes to mind first? For us? Stability of the company, how long has it been existing, how carefully and effeciently they invest the money that the clients put in, etc. We can't afford to put in our money and rely our life into it, especially with health and life insurance. We can't always be sure in these factors because the financial market has never been volatile. But I guess, the longest running company has more roots, isn't it? Then comes the premium cost. How about you?