Saturday, April 19

Ready For Swimming Lesson

Jens loves water. A running water from the tap will quite him when he is whiny. Bath time can take the sleepiness away or even hunger.

Lately, he's able to understand the word "kick". When you hold him up in the air and say, kick kick kick, he would do the same - sort of like the leg movements of a breast stroke with smiles etched on his face.

Mcj reckons he is ready for a swimming lesson. I bet Jens would love it especially if there colorful pool floats. But I'll wait until he is able to walk by himself before I enroll him so we don't need to dip in the water with him.


Unknown said...

ooppsss...i can't swim..takot ako sa tubig...hehehe..

btw, korean food is tagging you here..

have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

i can swim but not real good. :)

nice weekend, too sis.

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