Friday, April 11

Berry-berry Good

Do you love berries? I love them, especially strawberry.

According to study, they are good for the blood pressure so don't just think of them as a treat, rather a part of your daily diet. Problem is, they're seasonal. So I guess, you just have to max them out while they're avialable in the shops.

Just wanna share this good info about berries:

Don't think of them as a treat. Berries should get daily play in your diet -- especially if you’re at all concerned about your blood pressure.

People with high BP who ate berries daily as part of a study saw a 7-point dip in their systolic blood pressure -- after just 8 weeks of berry love!

Berries have a lot going for them: They're jam-packed with polyphenols, like flavonols and anthocyanins. Plus, they're loaded with vitamin C, folate, potassium, and fiber. With so much in such a tiny package, it's hardly a surprise that it took just 4 ounces of a berry medley each day to boost the health of the study participants. Not only did their blood pressure go down, but their HDL ("good" cholesterol) went up, too.



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