Friday, August 24

Get Organized

In the ideal world, I don't like chaos. Everything should have it's own space and place and for stuff that were not needed, they should not be in sight rather be kept in a storage bins so they can easily be retrieved when needed. And for those that I deem not to be used in the next year should be disposed.

But I don't live in the ideal world so don't expect to see the picture of what I described above in our abode. Yeah, there are no litters but everything is not organized the way I want them because I have a husband who thinks of comfort and accessibility before organization.

But tell you, MCJ is a consumate professional. Well, for stuff that he has control, yes.

There is a workshop here where they can store toys for the big boys but not all toys are in it. You will find them littering around here. You know there are users who have a habit of leaving things where they had used them? I reckon metal garage cabinets and a sign made of neon color paper saying "please return me here" would be handy.