Thursday, August 23

Me.. me.. me

Tagged by Mich.

My name: Era
childhood ambition: to be a journalist
fondest memory: when MCJ proposed, first smile from Master Ian
soundtrack: none
retreat: a walk with my family
wildest dream: to do bungee jumping
proudest moment: giving birth to little Ian normally
biggest challenge: crossing the ocean, the culture, etc. to be with MCJ
alarm clock: i use my cellphone also
perfect day: bonding with MCJ and little Ian
first job: accounting assistant
indulgence: shoes and food
last purchase: dvd - the ten commandments (yesterday)
favorite movie: lots, lots, lots
inspiration: my small family
My life is: full of challenges
My card is: american express

I am tagging anyone. :)


Mich said...

gusto ko din mag-bunggee jumping! LOL! thanks for doing the tag, era! ;)