Sunday, August 12

7 + 1 Facts About Me

Tagged by Fionixe about the increasing number of facts about myself. :)

  1. I am really petite and the tiniest in the four of us sibs. But I got long fingers and toes for my size.
  2. I love making baby cry (not for a long time) when I havent got one and do the same to my own now. I dont have a saddistic nature.. I just love seeing them pulling faces when they cry. I think they're cute. :)
  3. I eat eggplant in torta but not in pakbet.
  4. I never went to kindergarten or prep.
  5. I love sweets now after the bun in the oven was cooked and I am not as fussy with food as I was before falling pregger.
  6. I wished to have a child before turning 30 and was blessedly granted.
  7. My two younger sibs don't call me Ate or the equivalent in Ilonggo but we all call my elder sis "Manay" (equivalent of Ate in Ilonggo).
  8. I am a certified bitch when I want to sometimes. :)
Now, I am tagging anyone.


Anonymous said...

wey~ ^_^ thanks for finishing the tag. :) yeah i know it is increasing.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Iba nga naman ang lasa ng eggplant sa torta, hindi mo masyado malasahan yung pagkatalong nya...hehehe.