Thursday, August 30


Two days ago, last year was my last day at work of more than seven years. My leaving was not as dramatic as when the others did as almost all of the core members of the group had already left ahead of me - it was the time when personnel turnover in finance was at its peak. But the vacancies we created were easily filled in by internal applicants and so when I left, most that are inplace were new but they are old friends.

the group before I left

I miss working. But not all the time. It's only when I saw people dressed for work. I guess I just miss dressing up. lol.

But I can't play dress up because

-- we don't go out more often.

-- I don't have much time to look at myself in the mirror let alone change clothes several times.

-- there are few choices of clothes that will make breastfeeding easier.

Oh well, I'm doomed.


Mich said...

i know the feeling era! i miss dressing up too! haaaay. :) but, i agree with you, with breastfeeding you will really need the most comfy clothes ever! :)