Saturday, August 25

Options and Decisions

Funny how we decisive we are of the future event sometimes but when it has come, we forgot our idealism and reasons and go for comfort.

When we were shopping for Ian's arrival, we bought heaps of cloth nappies because MCJ is really a big pro of them for the reason that they're environment-friendly and I also concede. We would be using nappy liner so changing won't be that messy if our little bub has a big surprise for us. MCJ agreed to wash the nappies everyday, so it was fine by me.

But we also bought disposable nappies for hospital use but they last until more than a week that we went out of the hospital. By then, we found out how comfortable and easy it was to change dispoable nappies but we also realize that sometimes it gets quite messy not to mention yucky, so how much more it would be if we're using cloth nappies?

So before the first pack of the nappies ran out, we bought another one and the cycle continues. Yet, before buying another pack (every time), we were still mulling if it's time to use the cloth nappy and ditch the disposable. It sometimes seems we're guilty because we're giving reasons to ourselves why we're buying another pack. lol... Oh yeah, we're still going to use them when we go out anyway, it's a blessing that we have the disposable nappies as if we're on cloth we might have ran out of them because it's raining, blah blah blah. But I have to admit, it makes life easy for a first time mum and for MCJ as well especially if he has to change Ian in the unholy hour of the morning.

The disposable nappies aren't useless after all. They're handy as the regurgitating cloth.


How to feed our little bub was also a big decision to make but this time it was real easy for us to choose as we both want Ian to be breastfed. No question and argument about that.

Yet, I realize that breastfeeding is not as easy as it seems. I've been through those common mishaps of first time mums such as sore nipples and breast. Shopping is a must for the new wardrobe that would make breast feeding easier - from zip or button front blouses to maternity bras and to nursing pads. I wonder if the open tip bras would be handy when staying at home.

Developing routine is another story especially in the first three months. Ian could go eating for an hour or two... and that is every two to three hours. Is there a time left for me to do household chores or me time? Rarely. But I am enjoying it and now that he can see well, it's quite rewarding to see him smile or pull faces when you talk to him. Motherhood is not easy but I'm getting there.