Sunday, August 12


"Give Mummy big burpies". That's what you can often hear from me while our Big Guy is on my shoulder.

He must really burp in between feeds and after, though it would mean waking him up or disrupting his feeds. Often times, he burp right away or burp while still feeding but if not after a couple of minutes he'll get hiccups. If I put him to his bed without burping him, those nasty hickin'-ups would wake him up. I can't win.

Our little one has really a big appetite and I would say a glutton. He swallow his milk too fast and gulp some wind.

One thing I learned though that if he's thumb is inside when he's making fists, he's in pain. And a burp is a must.


Mich said...

Burping is one of the things that I let Hubby do. lol! Siempre ako na breastfeed, so sya naman magpa-burp diba?

Glad you're having fun there! ;)