Sunday, August 26

Nice To Read

I don't have much time to be online. I only do when Ian is asleep or MCJ is playing with him. Just like now, I just put him off to his bed with the tube on so he can hear some sound.

The activities I do when online are pretty obvious (eh) and routine - check my emails, update my blog and of course blog-hopping. I just usually visit blogs in my blog roll but if it doesnt hurt my time, I do check other blogs just like Karl Moore's Blog. It really pays when you read entries that inspire you, make your day or something that you can relate to.

Entries on the log are inspirational and wittily written by Karl Moore.

Discover something new in the Friday Factoids entries. Yes, they were new to me and very interesting. This blog is like some others that are worth your time to read and adding to your bookmark as well.

Got spare time? Visit Karl Moore's Blog. You may also find it interesting.