Monday, August 6

Developing Routine

When we were at the hospital our little bub had been happy for a three-hourly feed of top-up formula (my colostrum had not build-up yet) of 10ml. After feeds he can put himself to sleep.

We went home and for a couple of days, he only required short feeding and will doze off.

Now, we're still in a three-hourly routine but the feeding time takes longer than an hour and more often than not, he should be latched-on to me before he can go to sleep. Though I gave him credit for lulling himself to sleep when he's full, snuggly and comfy in his cradle and for some instances when he's really uber tired that he'll just pass out while playing with me or screaming. This is the routine at daytime.

He goes for more than five hours the most at night. Thank heavens.

The routine that we have just started may have been disrupted by our running around for these past few days. We've already been out in the shop when he was just 6days old. We've have 2 appointments at the hospital (another one coming), one at the GP (and another one coming), been shopping last week and the big day out at the big city when he had his first train ride.

I never knew any routine when I was just an on-looker to my elder sister bringing up her kids. Maybe because back home, helps come in handy from relatives especially from my mother. But here, we're on our own. My MIL is already old enough to enlist her help.. but hse gave advice which were quite handy as well. Sometimes, I wish I gave birth in RP.... but I wouldn't change a thing with the history. MCJ have been very supportive and a spoiling father. :)

They said, babies and strict routine dont always go together but it is possible to develop one as long as you're flexible. I just need to bend slightly. :) Besides, our Big Guy is just more than 3 weeks old.

I know after a couple of weeks more his feeding, sleepind and waking patterns will change and I'll adapt my day to it.