Friday, August 10

Sharing the Passion

Whenever I have more time in my hand to play while online, I often check what's new in fashion especially shows and jewelry. If there's something that caught my fancy, I then update my show blog which for certain reasons have been neglected for quite a long time. But my passion for shoes, bags, jewelry, etc didn't cease. It's just lurking now that I am face with more pressing matters.

I usually check the same website over and over again but then those sites are updated daily so I get to know the latest. But learning the Belisi Fashions Blog on Shoes, Jewelry, Handbags & Fashion is quite handy for my passion. The posts are interesting and a good source for me who's still a novice in the fashion world. It features what's new and what's hot, what's in and apt for the season. For a reasonably fashionable person, this site can be your guide. This is worth adding to the bookmark.