Saturday, August 25

Multiple Accounts

I maintain two email addresses. I only want one supposedly but because even if I have told my friends of my new email add, most of them still sent emails to the old one. Just as well, I don't have to sweep junk mails everyday. The old add contains personal emails and the new one mostly have junks and it is increasing everyday.

I signed-up to a market research site months ago when I still have more time to go online. The links and websites are branching out that I found myself giving my email add to various sites. Now, I received at least ten promotional emails that I don't read at all. And with the limited time that I have to stay online these days, I don't have the luxury to tidy up my inbox.

I could say thanks to those who kept on sending emails to my old add.. I didn't delete it.


Anonymous said...

i also maintain multiple email accounts. 5 personal & the rest for each of the websites that i maintain:)

so, you're not alone. meron pang mas malala--ako. lol