Friday, August 17

Getting Back In Shape

Before, I left the hospital the physiotherapist see me. She gave handouts for the basic exercises that I need to do to strengthen my pelvic floor, get my uterus back to normal and strengthen my tummy muscles as well as advise me to attend a physio-postnatal class where I didn't show up because things caught up.

The exercises were pretty simple and you can do them while lying down but with the new routine and daily challenges of having a baby, I was not able to do them religiously. Sometimes I just forgot to do them, and at times that I remember doing them, I was already tired that all I wanted to do was doze off rather than crunch my muscles. MCJ said that if I had attended the physio class, it would be useless as I wont do the exercises anyway. lol.

But with how things running now, I am constantly beset by back pains. I've read that most mothers with new baby will really have it and will last for years. And I am scared (or a little paranoid) now that what I am feeling could be something serious. Makes me wish I went to the physio class. Maybe, I could find some help from the internet.

I am not so worried with my abs and belly as I am breastfeeding. I know it helps because as of now (for just over a month), I can well fit to my pre-pregger clothes despite the fact that my appetite has really surged up especially with sweets (chocolates - yum).

What I am most concerned of is my pelvic floor muscles considering the 4th level tears that I had. I'm scared to have incontinence in my later years. But the slack in me is still not doing much about it however big my apprehension is. The book says that you should aim for a goal of 100 kegel exercise a day. And there's not enough time in a day to do them.

Maybe when things start to get back to normal.. maybe.


Anonymous said...

Era, try to do a "20" everytime you pee. it helps than totally forgetting it all or waiting for the full time you can do that 100 a day. am lazy too but i do a 20 eveyrtime i remember it.