Tuesday, November 18

Something We Both Love

One of our clients is a hardware/warehouse/timber dealer/etc. Every time I visit there, I always get amazed with the different sorts of bathroom products (some might be Delta faucets) available in the market. Why you think, I particularly notice the bathroom products? Because it’s within the isle where we always dilly dally to kill sometime until our meeting. I’m always fascinated with home furnishings anyway.

These past couple of weekends, we’ve been spending sometime in one of the biggest hardwares close to our home. It’s so easy to get lost. The isles are huge, the stocks are almost innumerable.

I thought before, I won’t be interested in shopping for timber, tools, etc. But I was wrong. With the vast choices available, it’s so much fun thinking which one is better than the other. A sales attendant’s advice is always necessary and sought for. And Mcj, I reckon loves shopping for these stuffs. At least, we agree in this department.