Tuesday, November 18

Filipino Fix

Most of us, Pinoys who lives overseas long for Pinoy food or any products. And finding an asian shop that sells Pinoy foods is definitely a cure for homesickness.

I am momentarily cured. I work just a few blocks away from an Asian shop that sells primarily of Pinoy food. The owner is a Filipino. I had my fix today.

What I really miss from all these? Corned beef.

There are more there – frozen kananin, frozen plantain banana, bar of detergents that I only found in RP, Filipino brand of shampoo and conditioner, etc (but haven’t seen a fat burner).

I’m just pissed though that I only found it out now that we are moving office on the 1st week of December. By then, I can’t just take a lunch break and go there. I have to make a special trip. Asar!