Monday, December 29

Christmas Fun

How was your Christmas everyone? I’m sure it was fun. And I hope despite of it being commercialised every passing year, deep within we didn’t forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Our family had Christmas lunch with the in-laws. Although, I missed the way Christmas is celebrated in the Philippines with my family, what we had here was closed to what I long for. Sharing laughter with family, eating good food and wine (or any drinks) and playing Santa. I didn’t expect to receive anything (nor Mcj of any silk ties) as what I wanted was already granted but we received gift cards. I thought then, more shopping for me but I was able to curb my desire to spend them the next day. We don’t really need anything now so I thought; we’ll just save it to shop for the little boy’s wardrobe for the next season.

So, what did you do last Christmas?