Monday, December 15

Busy Weekend, As Usual

It's not entirely because, it's close to Christmas.

Thursday, Jens had a chesty cough. Come Friday, his appetite is waning. Very unlikely of him who loves food. He just had an eye for custart and juice. He didn't eat much on Saturday, either. Then, he was running a temperature and dribbling. Cause obviously was teething. The same case on Sunday, so we took him to the clinic in the afternoon. He has a bit of a chest infection.

I had my driving lesson Monday morning. I am always busy on weekends since I started learning how to drive which by the way, according to my instructor, I'm faring well. I'm always juggling between housework and driving and stuff.

Okay, Sunday after the visit to the clinic, we bought take-away lunch and ate at the park. It was fun. We fed the birds with our left overs. But silly as I am, I tugged Mcj and Jens to go to the shop to hunt for the very elusive laptop bag that I want. And it is indeed elusive because we didn't find any but we didn't come home empty handed. As a matter of fact, we have our hands full, literally. In the spur of the moment, decided to shop for Christmas gifts. That's after we found out that the shop close an hour later.

We splurge for gifts a bit this year, since I reckon I have a job, we ought to. I was having a hard time choosing a gift for my parents-in-law until Mcj suggested we buy them chocolates. They don't need anything and they have a sweet tooth. I can now imagine my MIL complaining that they might need Fenphedra after the Yuletide season.

We came home late and decided not to cook dinner. We had pasta at the resto which Mcj liked. Then, the little boy had an excruciating peggy pain. Can't sleep and can't eat. We even walk the mile by putting him in the pram and walked up to the end of the street and back at almost midnight. It did good, so our effort wasn't in vain.

Yeah, it was busy but I am thankful today that Jens is alright now. And I am working from home for the remainder of the day and until further advised. The aircon in the office is broken. :)