Wednesday, December 17

Tuesday Toot #1

I'm working from home again today. The power in the office was switched from the generator to main but the aircon is still now working. The expected time of restoration is tomorrow noon but we'll have to see.

Mcj rose up early today so I also crept out of bed while Jens was still asleep to get dress for the day. I was hoping to do some household chores before he woke up but that didn't happen. So I gave him his meds and breakfast early and turned my laptop earlier than usual so I can start working early as well.

It's a lazy day for me. More reading for me to do which at times bore me. But I have to do it anyway. No getting away from it. I have to know the new process so I can test when it is ready.

Since I sort of start early for work today, I am thinking of going to the shop to hunt for the elusive laptop again. I just have to have it, lest I'll be on the look-out forever. It's just me. If I set my mind to it, there's no getting out of it. That bad!

Hope you all have a pleasant day.