Wednesday, December 31

Longing for...

I missed Christmas in the Philippines, the way my family celebrate it. Most of all, it’s the food that I longed for. I imagined my mother getting busy, weeks before the day so we have lots on food on the table. So is the same for the New Year. There’s the panic buying of round fruit. My grand mother used to prepare her own menu very early of the New Year’s Eve. And the fireworks and even fire crackers that my father prepared for the Big Night, I wish I was there.

While in my side of the world, I wasn’t even busy at all. We had Christmas lunch with the in-laws and I was tasked to make spring roll. I experimented it a week before and I made so much that I froze some so on the Christmas day, we just popped them in the oven for 20 minutes and they were ready. I was just busy shopping and wrapping gifts. Christmas had gone and compared to what I used to back in RP, it wasn’t merry at all – the consolation is I am with my own family.

It’s New Year’s Eve and we don’t even know what we are going to do tonight. I’m at work now and though it’s not busy, being here I can’t plan and do anything on what are we going to do tonight or tomorrow. Since I got here, we celebrate New Year with Mcj’s brother and his family. We party (drink, dance, do karaoke, etc) and watch fireworks on midnight. This year, it’s all a blur. Mcj said, N (my sis-in-law) is conning him to go to the New Year’s Eve Square Dance. I told him that he should go and he’ll just pick us up at home when it’s finished and we can to go N’s place. But I didn’t hear any development about it. We might end up watching fire works in the telly at this rate.

Oh well, enough ranting. I think, staying home for the New Year for the first time would be fine. We will be fine. At least we won’t need safety equipment in case something might come up when we’re on the go.