Monday, December 8

Very Busy Weekend

I think the past weekend has been our the very busy since we got Jens. It is a consolation that I worked from home Thursday and Friday and then, today, I have spread-out some of the household chores in five days. I am not that flat-out doing them, though there are still some that needs to be done. But they can wait.

Anyway, we've been planning to check the location of my new office to check how far it is from the train station and what are the shops nearby but couldn't find the right timing. We are moving in this December so we can't delay the visit any longer. So we did last Saturday. It was quite long drive plus we got lost on the way there but we arrived safely. We just had a snacks on the cafe nearby and checked the distance to the train station. And boy, was it soo steep a hill that one would be panting on the way up. On the way home, we took the back route - where the nice views and sceneries are - especially the Mt. Cootha Lookout.

We just looked around, had ice cream and went home - got rained on the way.

Come Sunday, the weather was a tad gloomy. We talked of going to the pool but I wasn't excited because the weather was not on our side. By 10am, it was getting hot and the sun was up so we prepared for the big dip.

It was Jens first time but with his love of water, nothing was scaring him at all. Truth be known, it was us who were scared of his eagerness. He was so independent that our guidance felt like a restriction for him. He kept saying "more".

He discovered a game of climbing on the edge of the pool and going back down again. His suit is soo worn-out on the front of him crawling on the rough surface.
I took him to the playgroup and I witnessed how grown-up and independent he thinks he is. He went from one ride and toy to another. I was so surprised he knows how to rock himself on the rocking whale. My little boy is no longer a baby - yet he still smells like one. :)
We stayed for about 2.5 hours at the centre. It was so close to our home that we decided to rinse off the chlorine in the house. We were all worked-up and went to sleep. I woke up around 4pm to prepare dinner and make this yummy banana cake. I had one big over-riped banana that I don't want to give to the birds. What better way to use it than make a cake? I got an approval for the taste. Yay!


Anonymous said...

sis, thanks for the visit. hugsss. ang feeling na talaga ni Jen. The way you describe him he is really eager to be treated grown up. hahaha.

your Bcake looks yummy. :)

come by again when u have time. take care.

hugs to Jen and hi to ur hubby. :)