Wednesday, December 31

Fruit Bat

I am quite glad that Jens has taken into liking fruit like grapes, blue berries, rock melon, water melon, cherries, etc. These fruit are in abundance now so it’s fun to buy them (like picking in the orchard) plus they are cheap.

I can feed him fruit for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner and he won’t complain. When the going gets tough – that is when he’s whinging, popping grapes or blue berries in his mouth does the trick. Water melon and rock melon are favourites too! They are juicy and make him slurp the juice.

The poor old banana had been set aside. I have a couple in the freezer waiting for me to turn them into banana cake.

But he’s not taken into some of the stone fruit. We bought heaps two weeks ago and I found out over the weekend that they were all rotten. I think, it’s their smell and unique taste. I’m not taken into them myself. I haven’t tried him on the fruit of Pomegranate trees though. Maybe, one of these days, we’ll buy him some. We’re always having fun trying him on to something new especially fresh food.