Tuesday, December 16

What I Want for Christmas?

I wanted Ipod for my birthday but I had second thoughts. Been reading some medical stuff and found that wearing earphones to listen to music are not good for the ears. Affect the hearing overtime plus the bacteria that you get from them earphone. So, I didn't push for it. I just throw the idea at the back of my mind. Don't really need it. I can just sleep or read in the train.

Then my inlaws gave me this:

A samsung T10 8GB MP3 player. Not Ipod but it's the next best thing to Ipod so I read, plus it is free so even better than Ipod, isn't it?

Mcj got a SatNav which I reckon would be in my car when I get one - that is I get my P license.

So want I really want for Christmas now? Nothing in particular at all. But I always love new clothes, and shoes and bags. :)