Sunday, May 22

Julie and Romeo

The Cacciamanis and the Rosemans (rival florists) hate each other. Everyone knows that the bitter feud has been going on for generations. They badmouth each other's flowers, steal each other's accounts, and agree only that any personal contact, from neighborly tolerance to allowing their children to elope, is out of the question. Then it happens. Romeo Cacciamani's beloved wife dies of cancer, and he no longer has the energy to hate. Julie Roseman Roth's husband dumps her, and she finds all her venom is reserved for her ex. Later, when Romeo and Julie (the current heads of their respective families) meet at a small business owners' conference, love blossoms; and suddenly neither one can understand why their families won't stop the silly feud. But, if there is one thing the Cacciamani and Roseman families can agree on, it's that these 60-year-old lovers must be kept apart. Thereby hangs the tale of Julie and Romeo — a story written with charm, wit, and wisdom and a remarkable first novel.

As far as I can remember, this is the first book that I've read where the lead characters are over 50s. And once again.. I am reminded that age doesnt matter in love. Love is as good as it gets regardless of the ages of the persons involved. It is still like drowning in a pool (without handicap pool lifts) when emotions run wild. This book is a feel good one with mature people are involved. Lovely.