Tuesday, May 24

The Academies

There are students that I noticed on the train that got-off at the same station as me. I was curious to know what school do they go to because I can't really see any school nearby. I have been going and from work in the same location for more than 2 years and I just find the time to look up that school yesterday. It's the Queensland Academies - Science, Maths and Technology campus, which is a far walk from the train station. Some students get off at the station before ours and I heard that they catch a bus - I suppose, that's better than walking.

Anyway, about the school - it's the state school for highly capable year 10 t0 12 students. It's the maximise the potential of bright students and prepare them for university. This school is not for free - parents pay about 1800 bucks a year. But each student is getting their own equipment to aid in their learning.

See these days there are many ways on how to get a degree. There are online universities and local unis are branching out to accessible locations. The degrees offered are not just limited to online degree on films. For those undecided, they are spoilt for choice. The government is also doing their bit. They offered loan, assistance, scholarship and many others that will aid students in their take-off for a bright future. Curious? Head to http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ to check on how apply for student aid.