Friday, January 14

Hectic? Sorta..

I've been working from home since Wednesday after being sent home early last Tuesday. That is, I left work early around noon but got home at 5:30 after two train rides and a bus ride. I ended up a station before the usual and have to wait for Mcj for more than an hour to pick me up. Our driveway was flooded and because of the little bridges, he doesn't want to risk crossing them as they might have been damaged by the floods.

So much on my end... though, I dont' really want to internalise the current situation of the people in Brisbane that are flooded. The massive clean-up that they have to go through, losing their posession and especially those that lost their loved ones.. those who witnessed it. It always breaks my heart. I stopped watching the news. Financial help is always welcome, government aids, proceeds from motorcycle insurance or any vehicle insurance, house insurance.. they relieve the hardships but the emotional trauma that those victims have endured, is so insurmountable that no words can pacify them.

For some, it's back to normal.. for some just go back to living and try to be normal. But all of these will pass and will be a distant memory just like other calamities.