Monday, January 31

On Cars

The car dealership around the corner from the house had a display of lemon green car. It was a sports car, not sure if it was an audi or something else. We were driving past and I was really tempted to stop to just check it out. It stands our from the rest because of it's colour. I told the Tatapilla that if we have money to disposed on a car, I'll buy something in the same colour, maybe a Porsche 911 Carrera - not that I am into racing or any racing for that matter.

Or something like this? I thought, the grass makes it funny.

Well, I can keep on dreaming about cars that I really like. I might try bentley? Oh, for sure it'll be a 4B for touring Australia - a jeep wrangler maybe?

But for now, I'm happy with my car.. it's going smoothly and hasn't played up on me yet.