Monday, January 31

Left Overs

On weekends, I am inundated with left over food. It's a big dilemna (as if it's rocket science or those IT Jobs people are facing) for me because first, I am not keen on eating left overs myself so how can I feed my family with them if I won't eat them? Unless, the food is a Pinoy food.

Yesterday, we had stew/gumbo with the mish-mash of all the dishes we had for the week. It was all gone - I mean, we ate them all up. I think, no choice is good as we are forced to eat anyway. :)

So today, I had some more left over for lunch - calamari and fried rice with eggs.



Promotional Pens said...

I love leftovers! It seems that some foods taste better after the flavor have had a chance to develop.