Saturday, November 27

Petrol Prices

Since owning a car (which is quite long enough), I have been very conscious of the fuel prices. I only fill-up my car when necessary and when the fuel prices are down. I also monitor the days when the prices are down and time my purchase. With my affiliations with the rewards card, I also can get 8 cents discount these days. It's not much as my car fuel tank can only accommodate up to about 40 liters but it's worth it. Up to 4 dollars discount is good enough. For some, it might not give them dark eye circles to miss it for me who's motto lately is "every cents count", it's something to dance about.

The fuel companies or say retailers are also getting tricky. They shift the day when the fuel price are down from the middle of the week to the end of the week without much notice or big intervals. One must be vigilant, something that I take seriously.

In our area, this week the fuel price is down on Friday. I got unleaded for 123.90 cents a liter.