Sunday, November 14

Well Behaved

When I hear parents saying that they had a hard time with their kids keeping them amuse, I always wonder how hard could it be. And when I see kids playing up when travelling, I always feel for the parents, not because I have been through it but because, I am just thankful that I am not put through it.

You see, The Tatapilla is just the best kid there is. Sure he throws tantrums but not the types that I will be at my wits' end. He is so mature for his age. When told once, he understands it. No need to repear instructions.

Today, my friend commented him for being well-behaved. He was tired but you can't hear him whinging or crying. He just sat there looking tired. When I mentioned ice-cream, he perked up so even when it was hot, we ventured in all the shops to buy ice cream (one thing that I indulge him in without even regard to hoodia in his future). He was still happy and dandy on the way home and had less than 5 minutes sleep but bounced like a kangaroo when it was time to get off the bus.

We're just happy parents to a well-mannered kid.