Sunday, October 28


Today, daylight saving time kicks off in Oz except in our state, Queesland - the sunshine state.

From what I've seen and heard, this has been an issue for long especially to the people living close to the border of Queensland and New South Wales. Their life is in chaos during DST. Imagine living in a place where the time in your neighbor is 1.5 hours (ish) ahead of you. They experience confusion particularly in store hours. They would go to a supermarket and then finally realise that it is already close when they are there because the time there is ahead than where they've been.

Queensland joined the wagon of DST before but it was just a trial run and after that a referendum was done, and no DST won. A study was made about it and a positive result came up for DST, yet the Premier of the state ruled it out.

Some even proposed a DST to half of the state and no DST to the northern part. How awkward would that be?

As an onlooker, I am used to the statusquo now and our household is sticking to it.