Sunday, October 21

Koala Sighting

Can you see it?

Front View

Back View

Early this afternoon while I was picking the laundry off the line, MCJ pointed to me a koala going down the branch of a tree. It was fairly big. That was my second sighting though hearing them is often after they mate. They make laughing sounds.. hummm.. cheeky. :)
Baby Ian and I went for a walk later and when we were close to the trees, I remember the koala that we saw, so I really searched for it on the trees... despite my poor vision and I spotted him again, on the same tree but on a different branch.


Unknown said...

ay! may koala pala diyan...pwede kayang mag alaga ng koala? saka baby bear? i know that's impossible pero naku kyutan kasi talaga ako sa kanila eh...hehehe..