Tuesday, October 30

My Wallet

Mitch wants to know what are inside my wallet. Well, girl.. here they are:

old ids (college id is the oldest), membership cards and all sorts of cards, photos, gonuts donuts promo card, terminal fee docket, store dockets and lotsa lotsa of lovely items

There are lots of clutter inside it, I realize. I am using the same wallet since I was in RP and I haven't discarded any yet. Well, until after taking the photos. Thanks girl for this tag, I was able to clean it. It's now not bulky as what it was.

Oh, after taking the photos, I found more dockets in the outside pocket. lol.

I don't have cash.. just some loose change inside the coin purse.

Calling these lovely ladies: dangkin, mich, ann, annie and arlene, if you don't mind.. may I know what are in your wallet too?


Anonymous said...

Grabe! Ang daming laman hehehe!

Thanks for doing the tag! ;-)

Mich said...

wow! ang daming laman ng wallet mo! :) hehehe...oh, thanks for the tag. sige, will do it soon ha! ;)

dangkin said...

will do this now... can't sleep! :(

Anonymous said...

Dito ko na lang sagutin tag mo ha kasi I don't use wallet ...hehehe, kaya walang laman. Mula noong magka baby ako laging big bag ang dala ko kasi andun yung wet wipes, yung diaper, cloth..etc.