Sunday, October 7

Gifts for everybody

October is a very important month for our family. MCJ and my birthdays fall in this month, as well as my mother. But at the same time, it means Christmas is drawing near. Oh I miss the Pinoy way of celebrating this season. I've been here for two Christmases and it's really very far from home. They're not big on it.

Anyway, before I came into my current mindset, I love these special days because of gifts. Yeah, it was those time when I was sooo superficial and materialistic, I would say. I know some of us one way or another been through that state. I've changed now. It would be a good surprise and sooo sweet to receive unexpected gifts, but as much as possible I don't want my friends or loved ones to worry or hassle themselves in choosing gifts for me. I seem to be in an awkward situation when I receive gifts because I don't really know how much should I thank the giver, what would I say to please or to show my gratitude. It botherse me actually.

But, it's another story when it comes to MCJ. I'm always dropping hints and sometimes too upfront to tell him what I want for my birthday or on any special occasion. Maybe, I can tell him now that has coupons? How about for the things that I love like shoes. coupons are handy.

How about you? What would you want this Christmas? Not that I'm going to give you gifts. lol. You can ask your dear to buy you something using dell home coupons.