Wednesday, October 17

RP = Home

"So, are you not going home anymore?"

That's my mother asking me.

You see, more than a year ago I was granted of a one year multi-stay visitor's visa. That was not what we wanted but that was what was granted. It was a "take it or leave it" deal. So, it suffice.

And for the next twelve months, I've entered OZ four times and went back to RP three times. One of which, I went home to my parents' place. In my mother's mind, I am just here in OZ for a vacation and I will eventually go back home. Well, partly true until at the beginning of September this year when I was granted of a Bridging Visa A that allows me to stay here indefinitely. We have to let go of my paid flights with Qantas because of the non-refundable fare condition. That after paying almost $200 for rebooking it, just incase I won't be granted of the bridging visa. Rebooking it again would be futile as during that days, we don't know when we're going for a holiday in RP. The rebooking fee might be more than the airfare cost. Not a good idea, then.

Now, that I can stay here indefinitely.. and we're processing for my spouse visa application, we've planned of going for a vacation back home. It would be the whole family. And I am excited. We will introduce Baby Ian to the whole tribe. :)