Wednesday, October 31

Online Gaming Sites

Yesterday, I got the post assignment to write my opinion in an online casino review site. I think, they kind of accepted or like or whatever my post that I got the same assignment today. So here I am doing something that I am not really good at but trying. Normally, I don't give reviews but this opportunity is different as you will just write something based on what you see on their website, not on their service. Well, actually.. it's the same story when it comes to reviewing a website. Lol.

Anyway, is a simple website yet user-friendly and straightforward for me. I know that there are several online games aside from the most famous and widely-played online poker (well, for me) but I don't really know what are those others. Well, for an amateur like me.. it's not a problem in this website as the kind of games are prestinely displayed on top for easy access.

As mentioned in the site, there are almost 3000 online gambling sites in the world wide web and a review site such as pro360 could help player choose which gives the highest bonus and ratings instead of you filtering through those sites yourself. Saves the hassles, right? But I notice, the site where MCJ plays isn't listed there. Might not be that popular or trusted? Oh well... He's just playing using play money anyway.