Sunday, October 28
It's the time of the year again where people aside from preparing themselves, act like Santa.. bearing gifts to naughty or nice. Christmas is really near but I can't smell it in the air nor can I see it in my environment. Oh well, I was used to cool Christmas not hot. I can't see any poinsettias in the garden like I used to in my parents' place. But still Christmas would be here whether I am in it or not. :)

Back in my working years, I received lots of goodies from the banks and suppliers. Companies set aside huge sum of money for Christmas giveaways like umbrella, personalized pens, organizers, calendars, etc - all for the customers.

Maybe I might feel Christmas when I receive gifts or give aways. lol. Not really. I want to celebrate Christmas quitely with the fam.
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Posted by Princess of CJ at 9:44 am |


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