Sunday, October 28

Do you know your printer cartridge?

I was printing bingo cards earlier and the printer stuffed-up. It missed to print some part of the card. I thought we're running out of toner but MCJ told me to just restart the printer and it will print fine after and so I did.. and really, it helped. But if we run out of toner now, I would really be sorry as I haven't finished printing the bingo cards for tonight's game. I have seen lots of printer cartridges here but I am not sure if they're new and which one fits the printer that we're currently using. You see, there is another printer that works perfectly here but is not connected to any computer and there's another one that isnt working, as far as I know. These all use almost the same printer cartridges. So far, I've only seen one kind of cartridge here.

I'm not in a dilemna of knowing which printer cartridge works for which (yet), but if you are, be thankful that cartridge finder can help you. It will help you identify which cartridge works for your printer if you are not sure of and not only that. It will do the work for you of finding the best price of product there is. How cool is that?