Thursday, October 25

Keep Safe

A friend once shared that her husband's identity was stolen and their bank account was used to purchase goods in different states. Luckily, they found out about it early on and the damage done was not really that bad.

Some instances where identity was stolen is when you provide your credit card or bank account details in an internet site that is not safe or over the phone transactions... but mostly it is in an unsecured mailboxes where your mails, credit card bills or bank statements were dropped by the postie.

My friend said their residential mailbox was not secure, no lock and anybody can open it. I advised her to get a mailbox that you can lock and once mails have been dropped you can't pick them up again unless you unlock it.

Identity theft have been happening everyday in any part of the world. It's really up to us to secure our mails and stuff so we won't be prey to the predators.