Thursday, October 25

Hear Me?

There was some time when I love listening to music when I was at work using earphones. Everyone in the office has speakers and listened to their own music and I want to do the same without mix sounds. But the habit didnt last long as I was warned by an officemate to stop doing it else I'll be the same with her friend whose ear was operated because of listening to music using headset or earphone. And so I heed to the advice. You see, I already have a poor vision, being deaf would be just another impairment that I don't need. :)

It is imperative, for me, to take care of our ears and preserve our perfect hearing. It is one of our senses that make us function normally. But in our normal day to day activities, it can't be avoided not to hear destructive sounds that cause long term damage to our hearing. And we can avoid it by using hearing protection like travel ear plugs. Even singers use musician ear plugs so they can listen to their own voice and as well as minimize the sound that they can hear.