Saturday, October 20

Vacation in my Mind

I think, everybody dreams of touring the world at some point in their lives.... and I am in. :) Actually, I have my list is already long for my desired vacation spots. There's nothing wrong in dreaming, right?

First on my list now, is to go back to the Philippines to my parents' place for at least a two week or a month vacation... and hopefully, we can do that next year on Ian's first birthday. *crossing my fingers*. Then, maybe visiting all the nice places in the Philippines.. and Australia. I want to know my country and MCJ's which is now my home better... so what's the best way to know them? :)

Then, maybe someday, go to London. I have friends there but surely we need to check-out the hotels for our Accommodation in London. And baby Ian in tow, it is necessary for us to check if the London Accomodation that we chose (if ever) is child friendly. Though, I think, London has lots of activities for kids. The airport there, being one of the busiest, which means lots of tourists come year especially during school holidays. And well, it would be nice to visit places outside of London. It is practical to check the accomodations available before going there though it may not be included in the itenirary, like the Manchester Hotels.

Oh, well.. I'm babbling.... like Baby Ian. lol..