Saturday, October 20

Down by a Bug

It wasn't a good day for us yesterday. The night before, Baby Ian played-up - crying, regurgitating, unsettled. Good thing though, he went to sleep before midnight. But it didn't do any good. We were very tired and lethargic when we woke up yesterday morning.

We were all kind of sick. MCJ vomited in the unholy hour of the morning and very lethargic that even moving a mouse was a big effort. I was not that sick but, I felt bloated and tired. We spent most of the day in bed. I didnt got to eat until 3pm and MCJ 7pm.

We blamed it first to our dinner that night, frozen fish and chips because, just after eating... we kept on burping. But nah, it wasn't it. It was the bug we caught from MCJ's brother G.

I don't know if Baby Ian had it too but he had been regurgitating/vomiting until last night but he was not really fussy until it was time to sleep. We thought he was teething so we applied some bonjela on his gums and gave him some paracetamol. Then, it was sleeping time for him.

MCJ is still tired but Baby Ian and I are fine. And we stayed in bed almost all morning. :)