Monday, October 15


Ian was a whingy yesterday morning... actually, we had a big drama as he was fussy while eating so to lighten him up, we both looked at the mirror and coo him. That always did the trick but that time, it didn't. He was not even looking at the mirror yet he was looking down to the magazine with a baby cover. The baby was smiling in the photo.. and Ian did exactly the same, smiled while looking at him. It was soo surprising for me. I think, it's a sign that he's ready to socialize with other babies.

I know he smiled because the baby in the photo was also smiling. From what I've read, babies will smile at you when you talk to them smiling. And you develop their social skill by doing so. So Mummy always gets a big smile from the Little Man because, I'm always smiling while looking at him.

Since, Ian had been showing some signs of liking others, I am planning of joining a Playgroup soon... maybe, when he turns 4 months.