Sunday, October 7

the latest me ;)

With my friends

Ian now can appreciates toys. I would put one of these teddies infront of me and coo him and he would smile. I got the same reaction when I make a motion of the teddies kissing him and me making sound. He loves playing.
Our latest game is 'feet up'. MCJ started it and now when you say feet up, he would raise his feet and we would hold them and say, yayyy, then he would be all smiles.
He loves looking at moving objects like fan, swaying curtains, etc. When he's lying on his bouncinette and the ceiling fun is running, ahhhh... you can just imagine his face, as if an angel up there is talking to him.
He can now grab and hold things. I don't wear earrings anymore when I am nursing him. I almost lost one the other day. And my hair is always coiled up, else he would have a handful of it.
He is very ticklish, got that from me. MCJ always plays the raspberry game to his feet and belly when changing nappy and there the laughs. When I tickle his belly, he would curl his legs up and smile.


Anonymous said...

some tips:

read him stories, play some classical music & buy some visual aid like a map, flags or periodic table of elements. paulit- ulit lang. :)

magugulat ka na lang in the future since matatandaan niya yan:)that was my experiment years ago.

ed product: he's now 10 & doing math, physics & computer science at stanford university's education program for the gifted youth plus the fact that he plays the piano by ear and very good at it:)

Anonymous said...

He's so cute and adorable..parang gusto yata niya ang nagpapa picture taking.

Mich said...

era, I think Baby Ian is long for his age! grabe he's so cute talgaaaaa! Sarap kurutin ng cheeeeeks....hehe.

Princess of CJ said...

@mitz, thanks for the tips. been doing them but not consistent and religiously. will try learning your experiment. :)

@allinkorea, oo nga mahilig magpapicture. he smiled here pero hindi ko naman sya kinakausap. :)

@mich,thanks. yup, he's long. so far he grown 9.5cm as of last month.. thats above average growth for breastfed babies which accdg to studies only grow 2.5cm/month. binabawi nya lang ang height ko. bwahaha!